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Grim the E.V.O - Reference by Marcella-Youko Grim the E.V.O - Reference by Marcella-Youko


Name: Grim
Species: E.V.O ( "Exponentially Variegated Organism", ) - from the show Generator Rex
Gender: Male
Likes: Attacking people, destroying objects, and roaming at night
Dislikes: Being trapped or contained, and Rex xD
Description: Grim is vicious, dangerous, strong and lethal >_> He attacks people with no mercy, just like other EVOs would do. He is incurable, and no one knows why; several attempts to capture him for study have failed xD He is very easily angered and really has no mercy when it comes to attacking. Although he can be quite intelligent too, and when things get ugly for him, he flees instead of keep fighting. The bandages he wears conceal his third eye. It's unknown if that eye has anything different of if it's just meant for scaring the hell out of you LOL Also, his fangs are all in different sizes and his tail is covered in black feathers 8D ( WHICH ARE A PAIN TO DRAW HNG ) I like to call Grim a "Crowcodile" in my head ROFL xD B-but even so I wouldn't like to meet him alone QAQ XD
Story: No one knows -GASP-


Another ref down XD I'm just bothered because I had to do his reference before Keno's D: I haven't been able to draw my Cannonwolf properly these days LOL He always gets to big to fit the paper xDDDDDDD But I'll do him eventually! Just keep waiting <3

For now, enjoy my EVO-furry-crocodile-of-doom 8D

Just some things to remember:

- The spikes on his back are on both sides;
- His pupils are white;
- The pupil of the middle eye is always still. It never moves to any direction, it just focuses forward.

I think this is it for now <3

Enjoy 8D

Grim belongs to me
E.V.Os/Generator Rex belongs to Man of Action
Art by me
lonehuntress Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
He looks so cool .w. I love his design!
Marcella-Youko Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much sis! *U*
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February 7, 2013
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